Our practice concentrates in three main areas: Family law, including collaborative divorce; residential and commercial real estate; and commercial litigation.

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Our practice concentrates in three main areas: Family law, including collaborative divorce; residential and commercial real estate; and commercial litigation.


  • Family Law
  • Real Estate
  • Litigation

For nearly 35 years, we have represented individuals going through one of the most emotional and difficult periods of their lives. Ending a marriage, resolving issues of custody and parenting, and dividing property are overwhelming decisions, especially to someone unfamiliar with the legal system. We guide our clients through the process, explaining each step along the way with the available options, and provide advice based on our years of experience. Each client is different, and each case presents unique challenges as well as opportunities for creative solutions.

Our goal is always to seek a resolution which our client finds in his or her best interests, and in the best interests of the children, if any. Ultimately, there are no “winners” or “losers” in family law cases; the best result is one where each party walks away believing the settlement was a fair one.

Of course, while well over 90% of family law cases settle, there are those which must go to trial. In those cases, we zealously represent our client’s position before the trial judge, making sure all the important information is presented so that the judge can make a decision based upon all the facts.

Our family law practice includes divorce and dissolution; custody, including joint and sole custody; child support and child support defense; parentage; college education expenses; and modification of divorce and custody judgments when there are changes in the circumstances of the parties. We also represent families in adoption proceedings, and draft pre-marital agreements.

Our firm has long represented clients in real estate transactions, including the purchase and sale of residential, commercial and industrial properties, condominium development, landlord and tenant issues, and commercial leasing and financing. We pride ourselves on personal attention to each client and providing superior services that are tailored to the client's particular needs.

In our residential practice we represent buyers and sellers from contract to closing, for a competitive, reasonable flat fee. For our buyers, we negotiate the terms of the sales contract; examine the title commitment to ensure that there are no liens or other defects in the title; review the Seller’s closing documents and reconcile the financial aspects of the transaction; and attend the closing to fully explain the documents our client is signing and to be sure that the purchase closes successfully.

Our representation of sellers also includes negotiation of the terms of the contract. In addition, we take the necessary steps to be sure that the title we are providing is free and clear of defects; prepare all the closing documents required of the seller; and attend the closing. Usually, the seller signs the closing documents in advance, and need not come to the closing.

In these challenging economic times, many clients are interested in short sales, either as a seller or a buyer. We have extensive experience in the short sale process, which easily can collapse if the proper documentation is not furnished or communication is not maintained with the lender.

For our commercial clients, we provide guidance and counsel in the acquisition or sale of industrial, commercial or developmental properties. We assist in the negotiation and drafting to the agreements and the review of necessary documents during the due diligence period. We also draft condominium declarations and other necessary documents for the development or conversion of properties to condominium ownership.

Our litigation practice includes general civil litigation as well as commercial creditor and debtor litigation and consumer credit card and foreclosure defense.

We have extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of commercial litigation, including breach of contract, landlord-tenant, and commercial collections, on behalf of both the creditor and the debtor. We work with several agencies across the country on behalf of their commercial clients with claims against local debtors, and have collected thousands of dollars on behalf of our clients. We have also successfully defended and settled claims brought against our clients by creditors, or other parties.

We have represented dozens of consumers in defense of lawsuits brought against them by credit card companies. We have had great success in either having the suits dismissed without judgment against our clients, or resolving the debts for a substantially discounted amount.

Our goal in any of the litigation we handle is to provide the client with a clear strategy and analysis of the issues, the likelihood of success, and the economic factors involved, including the costs of the litigation process. Only when the client is fully aware and understands of all of these issues can the correct decisions be made as to a resolution, whether by settlement or trial.


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